Trust International English and Arabic School

Among our fantastic array of facilities in two campuses are

  • British curriculum (International GSCEs and A levels)
  • Bicultural and Bilingual education
  • Activity Based learning ensures the needs of all types of learners
  • Co-curricular activities and facilities: Homework club and supervised study programme, Student representative council, Projects and competitions, Residential Activities: such as outdoor pursuits, retreats and personal development courses
  • Dedicated Curriculum Department with highly experienced professor from Dhaka University, Lecturer from UODA and other renowned organizations.
  • The indoor and outdoor auditoriums
  • Junior and senior libraries
  • Extensive sports facilities (Basketball court, table tennis, football fields)
  • Intensive sport training
  • Spacious and bright classrooms
  • Laboratory for physics, biology, chemistry and biotechnology
  • A new Design and Well equipped IT laboratory
  • Art areas and a theatre
  • Dedicated Kindergarten kitchen.


AIS offers selected students in classes 9 and upper the opportunity to gain valuable work experience by acting as interns in various offices of our campuses, and our sister concerns organizations whether in HR, Student Affairs, Finance or Events, British Council’s O-Levels, A-Levels, Professionals, IELTS as an Exams Venue Coordination.

Hifzul Qur’an

While attending the full time Hifz Program, students study core secular subjects at home and participate in the standardized testing. If needed, after school tutoring is also available to them. This arrangement facilities a smooth transition back into the regular school upon their completion of Quran memorization. Our Hifz School graduates are to performing students in their respective grades.

Additional Facilities

Averroes Student Development Programme (ASDP)-

  1. Teaching of Family Values and Morality.
  2. Student counseling.
  3. Meet the Islamic Scholar
  4. Free foreign higher education consultancy.

Averroes Parents Counseling Programme (APCP)-

  1. Parents Counseling
  2. Meet the Islamic Scholar
  3. “Better education Ensured by Parents (BEEP)-A forum of Parents, Management and teachers for development and monitoring of students” performance/progress.
  4. Develop Daily Islam Practicing

Faculty’s self Improvement & guidance programme:

  1. Regular performance evaluation and monitoring of Teachers.
  2. Biweekly workshop of faculty members to enhance their performance.
  3. Home study monitoring.
  4. Supporting & Funding for Ph.D. or other Achievements

Student’s Interactive Learning Programmes

  1. Debating Club
  2. Language Club (Bangla, English, Arabic)
  3. Math Olympiad & IQ Test
  4. Science Club
  5. ICT Club
  6. Spelling Bee
  7. Sports Club
  8. Averroes Journal “Open Windows” (by the students for the students)
  9. Health Club
  10. Quran Club