Khan Md. Akhtaruzzaman

Averroes International School

Assalamu Alaikum WRT

Firstly, let me begin, by saying how deeply grateful and honored I am to be a part of AIS family. Since the time I walked in into the campus I have been impressed not only by the infrastructure but also by the academic programme, the extracurricular activities and the opportunity for building our pupils into sensitive and compassionate citizens of a New World.

I have always dreamt of an education system where the child is allowed to develop at his or her own pace surrounded by caring adults and a positive support system. At AIS I have seen the children come laughing to school, learning and growing in the classroom eating happily, and learning lessons for life through it all.

The opportunities for growth and development that the boarding offers is unmatchable anywhere! It is my hope that even as in we step into this new Academic Year, all of us, pupils, teachers, staff, parents and indeed, all stakeholders will have opportunities to realize and achieve our fullest potential.

May Allah bless AIS