Trust International English and Arabic School


Our curriculum Department

Md. Anisur Rahman Shohagh, Head of Curriculum Department Mufti Kazi Mohammad Ibrahim, Adviser & Head, Islamic Studies & Al Qur’an Department Dr Abu Bakr Zakaria, Adviser Dr Manjor E Elahi, Adviser Professor Mokhter Ahmad, Adviser, Department of Quranic Arabic & Arabic Language Farhan Alim, Curriculum Analyst & Head, Department of Mathematics Mohammed Nurun Nobi, Head, Department of English Professor Dr Enamul Haque, Honorary Department Head, Science


The Averroes Elementary Section Curriculum is based on established Pre-School methods and standards, further enriched by Averroes professionals to meet the following objectives:

  • Promoting
  • Inculcate strong Islamic values in the students.
  • Help the students in their intellectual, emotional, physical and social development.
  • Enable the students to become independent learners.
  • Help each student to recognize and understand his/her role in the world.
  • Prepare the students to become Da’ees (preachers) of Islam.

At the Averroes Elementary Section, the balanced approach in curriculum designing, focuses not only on the students’ physical and mental grooming, but also on their spiritual uplifting. The activity-based methodology emphasizes creativity along with Tarbiyah as the main feature of Averroes Elementary Section. The students begin their day with the remembrance of Allah during specially prepared assemblies.

Arabic Language

Arabic language starts right from Play Group, so that the children are able to practice it by the time they reach the higher grades. This is considered a key to unite the Muslims all over the world and to understand the Book of Allah in the language it was revealed in. The Elementary students use specially designed Arabic workbooks, developed in-house, which help the children build Arabic vocabulary quickly and practice Arabic letters.

English Language

The students are encouraged to communicate in English language. The spoken abilities are enhanced through daily practice of phonics, whereas the reading skills are developed through an intense levelled Reading Program. We follow a Synthetic Phonic Program using interactive boards and tablets in the classrooms to enhance the listening and reading capability of students. The written expression is polished through a well-structured curriculum focused on appreciating creativity along with improving the hand writing.


Primary Section is Alhamdulillah well on its way to attain the vision of the School where students are being trained in a positive environment by passionate and dedicated teachers. Our approach to learning is evolving every day; modern and innovative techniques are being adopted to educate the students. These techniques optimize self-belief, competence and proficiency.

The Primary Section comprises of grades I – III.

Key Features

  1. Activity-based learning with modern teaching techniques.
  2. Teaching languages, sciences and concepts with Islamic integration.
  3. Tarbiyah, in and outside the classroom to make better Muslims.
  4. Providing classroom environment which is embedded with Islamic principles and teachings.
  5. Teaching Arabic and Tajweed as regular subjects to make understanding of the Holy Qur’an easier.
  6. Following monthly moral themes to incorporate essential Islamic values.
  7. Offering Zuhr Salah in congregation on campus.
  8. Exclusive opportunities to meet and learn from religious scholars and professionals. Participation and distinctions in national and international.

Students are guided to become self-motivated learners, who are strong academically and are able to foster their own ability to think comprehensively and clearly. Subject details are as follows:

Quran Recitation & Memorization

From the beginning, students learn the art of recitation of the Holy Qur’an. They also memorize different Surahs, learn hadith and Duas.

Arabic Language

Arabic is taught in a simplified and effective manner building upon reading, writing and conversing skills. Being the language of the Qur’an, it holds great importance within the academic framework of Averroes.

English Language

Arabic is taught in a simplified and effective manner building upon reading, writing and conversing skills. Being the language of the Qur’an, it holds great importance within the academic framework of Averroes.