Trust International English and Arabic School


Khan Md. Aktaruzzaman


Mohammad Anisur Rahaman Shohagh

Managing Director & CEO

Gulam Mustufa

Director, Finance

TIEAS School Board of Directors & Governing Body

The Averroes International School is a partnership organization owned by Three partners in a rationale for equal sharing rules under the laws of Bangladesh under the Partnership Act, 1932, the board of Directors are as follows:

  1. Khan Md. Aktaruzzaman, Chairman
  2. Mohammad Anisur Rahaman Shoahgh, Managing Director & CEO
  3. Gulam Mustufa, Director, Finance

The Board operates the Averroes International School as a private school for the benefit of the local and foreign community to the governed and directed as set forth in the bylaws and policies. The Averroes International School is a registered company operating under the laws of Bangladesh, and the owners constitute the executive Board. Governance of the School is exercised by this Board.

Regular Meetings of the AIS Education Board are held once a month.  Special meetings are called when necessary at a time and place announced in advance.

2017-2019 School Governing Body

  • Chairman
  • School Head & Secretary (MD & CEO)
  • Director Finance (Treasurer)
  • Principal (Head Teacher), Member
  • Vice Principal (Teacher’s Representative), Member
  • Parents Representative, 2 Members
  • General Member, 2 Members